Feature Films

Local Casting | *=Extras Casting also
“Little Women” (Columbia Pictures, Greta Gerwig, director)
”Hubie Halloween” (Netflix, Steven Brill, director)
”Jungleland” ( Scott Free, Max Winkler, director)
“The New Mutants” (20th Century Fox, Josh Boone, director)
“American Woman” (Romulus Entertainment, Jake Scott, director)
“Detroit”* (Annapurna Pictures, Kathryn Bigelow, director)
“Daddy’s Home 2” (Paramount Pictures, Sean Anders, director)
“Thoroughbreds” (B Story, Cory Finley, director)
“Live By Night”* (Warner Bros, Ben Affleck, director)
“Manchester-by-the-Sea” (Amazon, Kenneth Lonergan, director)
"Spotlight"* (Participant Media, Thomas McCarthy, director)
“November Criminals” (Sony Pictures, Sacha Gervasi, director)
"The Sea of Trees" (Lionsgate, Gus Van Sant, director)
“Black Mass”* (Warner Bros, Scott Cooper, director)
"Irrational Man" (Sony Pictures Classics, Woody Allen, director)
 “Infinitely Polar Bear” (Sony Pictures Classics, Maya Forbes, director)
“The Heat” (20th Century Fox, Paul Feig, director)
“The Way, Way Back” (Sycamore, Jim Rash, Nat Faxon, directors)
"Captain Phillips” (Columbia Pictures, Paul Greengrass, director)*
"R.I.P.D." (Universal Pictures, Robert Schwentke, director)
“Grown Ups 2” (Columbia Pictures, Dennis Dugan, director)
“By The Gun” (Artina Films, James Mottern, director)
"That’s My Boy" (Columbia, Sean Anders, John Morris, directors)
"Moonrise Kingdom" (Focus Features, Wes Anderson, director)
"What’s Your Number?"* (Regency Enterprises, Mark Mylod, director)
"The Company Men”* (The Weinstein Company, John Wells, director)
"The Town”* (Warner Bros. Pictures, Ben Affleck, director)
"The Social Network”* (Columbia Pictures, David Fincher, director)
"Zookeeper” (Columbia Pictures, Frank Coraci, director)
"Grown Ups” (Columbia Pictures, Dennis Dugan director)
"Shutter Island” (Paramount Pictures, Martin Scorsese, director)
"The Invention of Lying” (New Line, R Gervais, M Robinson, directors)
"Edge of Darkness” (Warner Bros. Pictures, Martin Campbell, director)
"Surrogates” (Touchstone Pictures, Jonathan Mostow, director)
"Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” (New Line Cinema, Mark Waters, director)
"Bride Wars” (New Regency Pictures, Gary Winick, director)
"The Box”* (Warner Bros, Richard Kelly, director)
"The Women”* (Picturehouse, Diane English, director)
"Gone, Baby, Gone”* (Touchstone Pictures, Ben Affleck, director)
[2008 Artios Award / Casting]
"The Great Debaters”*(Miramax Films, Denzel Washington, director)
"21” (Columbia Pictures, Robert Luketic, director)
"The Golden Boys” (West Wind Productions, Daniel Adams, director)
"Dan in Real Life”* (Touchstone Pictures, Peter Hedges, director)
"The Departed” (Warner Bros. Pictures, Martin Scorsese, director)
"Mystic River”* (Malpaso Productions, Clint Eastwood, director)
[2004 Artios Award / Casting]
"A Civil Action”* (Touchstone, Steve Zaillian, director)
"Good Will Hunting”* (Miramax, Gus Van Sant, director)
"Passionada”* (Command Performance Prod., Dan Ireland, director)
"The Blue Diner”* (CPB, Jan Egleson, director)
"The Newcomers” (Edgewood Entertainment, Jim Bradley, director)
"In Dreams” (Amblin Entertainment, Neil Jordan, director)
"The Proposition”* (Interscope Comm., Lesli Linka Glatter, director)
"The Spanish Prisoner”* (Jasmine Productions, David Mamet, director)
"Amistad” (DreamWorks, Steven Speilberg, director)
"The Crucible”* (20th Century Fox, Nicholas Hytner, director)
"Mrs. Winterbourne”* (Tri-Star Pictures, Richard Benjamin, director)
"Before & After”* (Caravan Pictures, Barbet Schroeder, director)
"Oleanna”* (Miramax, David Mamet, director)
"Blown Away” (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Stephen Hopkins, director)
"With Honors” (Warner Brothers, Alex Keshishian, director)
"The Firm” (Paramount Pictures, Sidney Pollack director)
"The Good Son”* (20th Century Fox, Joel Rubin, director)
"Hocus Pocus”* (Walt Disney, Kenny Ortega, director)
"Malice”* (Castle Rock Entertainment, Harold Becker, director)
"School Ties”* (Paramount Pictures, Robert Mandel, director)
"Housesitter”* (Universal, Frank Oz, director)
"Wind”* (American Zoetrope, Carol Ballard, director)
"Field of Dreams”* (Gordon Company, Phil Robinson, director)
"Once Around”* (Cinecom Entertainment, Lasse Hallstrom, director)
"Glory”* (Tri-Star Pictures, Edward Zwick, director)
"The Good Mother”* (Touchstone Pictures, Leonard Nimoy, director)
"Mystic Pizza”* (Samuel Goldwyn Company, Donald Petrie, director)

National Film Searches

"When They See Us" (Netflix)
“Wonder” (Lionsgate)
“Straight Outta Compton” (Universal Pictures)
"The Three Stooges" (Twentieth Century Fox)
"True Grit” (Paramount Pictures)
"It’s Complicated” (Universal Pictures)
"Fame” (Lakeshore Entertainment)
"Justice League” (Warner Bros.)
"Hotel for Dogs” (Dreamworks SKG)
"The Pacific” (HBO pilot, Dreamworks SKG)
"Speed Racer” (Warner Bros. Pictures)
"Lucky Louie " (HBO pilot, HBO Independent Productions)
"The Bad News Bears” (Paramount Pictures)
"Four Kings” (NBC pilot, Warner Bros. Television)
"Dark Water” (Touchstone Pictures)
"The Greatest Game Ever Played” (Walt Disney Pictures)
"Miracle” (Walt Disney Pictures) [ Cast Several ]
"That Night” (Warner Bros. Pictures) [ Cast Eliza Dushku ]
"To Die For” (Columbia Pictures) [ Cast Alison Folland]


Local Casting | *=Extras Casting also
“Castle Rock” (HULU/Bad Robot, 20 episodes, Warner Brothers)
"No Way Back" (aka "Suspicion") (NBC, pilot, Brad Anderson, director)
“City on a Hill” (Showtime, Pilot, Michael Cuesta, director)
“SMILF”* (Showtime, multiple episodes, Frankie Shaw, director)
“Olive Kitteridge” (HBO, 4 part mini-series, Lisa Cholodenko, director)
“The Devil You Know” (HBO, pilot, Gus Van Sant, director)
“American Odyssey” (NBC, pilot, Peter Horton, director)
“Broad Squad” (ABC, pilot, Fake Empire, production company)
“The Mystery of Matter” (PBS mini-series, Stephen Lyons, director)
“Clear History” (Fox Searchlight Pictures, Greg Mottola, director)
“Hatfields & McCoys” (ABC, pilot, Michael Mayer, director)
“Confessions of The Boston Strangler” (Investigation Discovery)
“The Makeover” (Hallmark/ABC, movie, John Gray, director)
"Boston’s Finest " (ABC, pilot, Gary Fleder, director)
"Body of Proof " (ABC, pilot, Nelson McCormick, director)
“Whitey Bulger: The Making of a Monster” (Investigation Discovery)
"Brotherhood” (Showtime, pilot and First Season)
"The Quinn-Tuplets” (ABC, pilot, Mimi Leder, director)
"Friday Night Lights” (Northern Entertainment)
"Empire State” (ABC, pilot, Jeremy Podeswa, director)
"See Kate Run” (ABC, pilot, Dean Parisot, director)
"House Rules” (CBS, pilot, Dan Minahan, director)
"Bunker Hill” (TNT, pilot, Jon Avnet, director)
"I’m Paige Wilson” (CW, pilot, Dreamworks Television)
"Waterfront” (CBS, pilot, Warner Bros. Television)
"Damrell’s Fire” (Docema LLC, documentary, Lucia Small, producer)
"Chestnut Hill” (NBC, pilot)
"Providence” (NBC, various)
"The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H.” (CBS, pilot, David E. Kelley Prod.)
"Sabrina the Teenage Witch” (FOX)
"Boston Public” (FOX, David E. Kelley Productions)
"Connect With English” (PBS, 24 Episodes, ESL series)
"Willoughby”s Wonders” (PBS, pilot, produced by Judge Baker CC)
"Original Sins” (CBS Movie of the Week, Jan Egleson, director)
"In the Shadow of Love” (ABC After School Special)
"Against the Law” (FOX, pilot and 16 episodes)
"Maverick Square” (Lorimar, pilot)
"Common Ground” (Lorimar, mini-series)
"The Kennedys of Mass” (ABC mini-series, Lamont Johnson, director)
"Lip Service” (HBO Original Movie, David Mamet, director)
"Lemon Sky” (American Playhouse, Jan Egleson, director)

A Partial List...

Maine Medical Center, Pap John's, Bud Light, Prince Spaghetti, Walmart , TJX, HGTVPro.com, Partners/Spaulding, LongHorn Steakhouse, D’Angelo Sandwich Shop, Red Jacket Beach Resorts, Maine State Lottery, Citizen’s Energy, Dunkin’ Donuts, Citgo, Apple Computer, Converse, John Hancock, Mass. Office of Travel & Tourism, Senior Link, Miller High Life, W.B. Mason, Hewlett Packard, Texaco, Kensington Furniture, Cartoon Network, “Energy Star”, Shaw’s, Hasbro, Tahari, Staples, Coca-Cola, Visa, Stouffers, FDA Anti-Smoking Campaign, Joslin Diabetes Clinic, Cumberland Farms, Carpet One, Latter Day Saints, Grecian 1-2-3, Massport, AT & T, Fox Sports, Just For Men Gel, Scalpacin, N.E. Ford, Mystic Seaport, Brighams, Very Fine, Store 24, Parker Brothers, Bank of Boston, Baybank, Blockbuster Video, Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Burger King, McDonalds, Jordan Marsh, General Mills (Gelooze, Fruit Roll-Ups, Berry Berry Kix, Cheerios, etc.), Hidden Valley Ranch, McCaines French Fries, Mass. State Lottery, N.E. Telephone, Snickers, Suffolk Downs, Mass. Dept. of Public Health, Star Market, Stop & Shop, Ocean Spray, Boston Public Library, Luvs, Nike, Fruit Newtons, Chevy Dealers of N.E., Autopalace, Cumberland Farms, WBZ, Duncan Hines, Eastern Bank

Corporate Videos
A Partial List...

Dunkin’ Donuts, Liberty Mutual, Longyear Museum, Metropolitan Waterworks Museum, Marmaxx, Sylvania, Parametric Technology Corporation, Choice Hotels, SYNVISC, Houghton Mifflin, GTECH, FM Global, Kiss Trust, BCBS, Fidelity, Screening for Mental Health, IBM, Ameirtrade, Longyear Museum, Hasbro, Sigrid Olsen, Liz Claiborne, EMC, Staples, Cisco, Prentice Hall, Mary Baker Eddy Museum, Barnes & Noble, Avid, Market Soft, New York Properties, Party Lite Gifts, Staples, Scudder, AT& T Broadband, Junior Net, CVS, State Farm, Insurance, Ann Taylor, Talbots, Prentice Hall, Compaq, Lycos, Gilette, FedEx, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Ameritrade, Nokia, Kay-Bee Toys, Mohegan Sun, AT & T, Digital, GTE, IBM, Polaroid, Wang, Fleet Bank, John Hancock, G.E., Sylvania, Gerber’s Life Insurance, Avid Technologies, Fidelity Insurance, ITT Sheraton, Harvard Pilgrim Health Plan, Comdex Trade Show, New York Life, Wang, Group Advantage