Commercials often have just 30 seconds to make an impression.  Or 15 seconds.  Sometimes just 7 seconds in an interstitial pop-up ad between rounds of Words with Friends.  And in order to secure this work, YOU the actor has to be able to make the most of that brief time to sell YOURSELF.

This workshop is for both beginning and experienced actors who want to further develop the unique skills required for commercial auditions.  Learn how to make strong, specific choices, stand out, and bridge the gap between what you think you’re doing in the room and what the client is seeing on the monitor in close-up. 

You’ll discover innovative commercial audition techniques, as well as gain a deeper understanding of the commercial industry and how you fit into it. This workshop help you put your best foot forward with commercial auditions!

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Joe Smith has been a professional working actor for 25 years, much of it in commercials.  In Boston and now in Los Angeles, he has worked on commercials with directors Christopher Guest, Bobby Farrelly, Errol Morris, and Joe & Anthony Russo.  See some of his commercial work below, and feel free to check out his website! >>


Everything you need to know about making the big leap!

When's the best time to move?  Where to live?  What to do first when you get there?  Marketing, Representation, Showcases, Networking?  What is the process of auditioning?  How do I submit myself for auditions?  What is the auditioning process for Multi/Single Camera Comedies, Dramas, Soaps, and Films?

Designed specifically for the actor preparing for, or even considering, a move to Los Angeles, this 4+ hour seminar will give you incredible insight into being a working actor in Los Angeles.  All students will participate in a mock audition and leave with a valuable packet of materials.

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Elaine Loh graduated from Brown University and started her acting career here in Boston.  (Her first professional acting job came via C.P. Casting in 2003!)  One year and a few more acting credits later, she moved to Los Angeles and has worked as an actor in LA for the last 15 years.  Elaine now has numerous on screen credits including: 9-1-1, S.W.A.T., NCIS:LA, SUPERSTORE, JANE THE VIRGIN, GENERAL HOSPITAL, and more. In 2007 Elaine began coaching actors for auditions and teaching a business course for professional actors. Since then she has helped dozens of actors hone their skills, learn the ins and outs of the business, and book major film, television, and new media roles. Elaine has also taken on writing and directing, and was just named a Top 25 Writer to Watch in 2019 by the International Screenwriters' Association. She has a short form series premiering in June 2019 that features Patrick Fabian (Better Call Saul), Jerrika Hinton (Grey's Anatomy), and Josh Kelly (Midnight, TX). It was produced by two time Emmy winner, Mary Lou Belli.

Elaine as a writer/director:
Elaine as an actor:

Elaine Loh
Named a Top 25 Writer to Watch in 2019 by the International Screenwriters' Association
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