Local Principals Casting | *=Extras Casting also

“A New World” (HBO, pilot, Gus Van Sant, director)
“Odyssey” (NBC, pilot, Peter Horton, director)
“Olive Kitteridge” (HBO, 4 part mini-series, Lisa Cholodenko, director)

"The Hatfields & McCoys" (ABC, pilot,  Michael Mayer, director)
"The Makeover" (ABC, Hallmark HOF Movie, John Gray, director)

"Boston’s Finest " (ABC, pilot, Gary Fleder, director)
"Body of Proof " (ABC, pilot, Nelson McCormick, director)
"The Quinn-Tuplets” (ABC, pilot, Mimi Leder, director)
"Empire State” (ABC, pilot, Jeremy Podeswa, director)
"See Cate Run” (ABC, pilot, Dean Parisot, director)
"House Rules” (CBS, pilot, Dan Minahan, director)
"Bunker Hill” (TNT, pilot, Jon Avnet, director)
"Friday Night Lights” (Northern Entertainment)
"Brotherhood” (Showtime, pilot and 1st Season, Blind Decker Prod.)
"I’m Paige Wilson” (CW, pilot, Dreamworks Television)
"Waterfront” (CBS, pilot, Warner Bros. Television)
"Damrell’s Fire” (Docema LLC, documentary, Lucia Small, producer)
"Chestnut Hill” (NBC, pilot)
"Providence” (NBC, various)
"The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H.” (CBS, pilot, David E. Kelley Prod.)
"Sabrina the Teenage Witch” (FOX)
"Boston Public” (FOX, David E. Kelley Productions)
"Connect With English” (PBS, 24 Episodes, "English As 2nd Language” series)
"Willoughby”s Wonders” (PBS, pilot, produced by Judge Baker Children’s)
"Original Sins” (CBS Movie of the Week, Jan Egleson, director)
"In the Shadow of Love” (ABC After School Special)
"Against the Law” (FOX, pilot and 16 episodes)
"Maverick Square” (Lorimar, pilot)
"Common Ground” (Lorimar, mini-series)
"The Kennedys of Mass” (ABC mini-series, Lamont Johnson, director)
"Lip Service” (HBO Original Movie, David Mamet, director)
"Lemon Sky” (American Playhouse, Jan Egleson, director)