National Film Searches

“Straight Outta Compton” (Universal Pictures)
"The Three Stooges" (Twentieth Century Fox)
"True Grit” (Paramount Pictures)

"It’s Complicated” (Universal Pictures)
"Fame” (Lakeshore Entertainment)
"Justice League” (Warner Bros.)
"Hotel for Dogs” (Dreamworks SKG)
"The Pacific” (HBO pilot, Dreamworks SKG)
"Speed Racer” (Warner Bros. Pictures)
"Lucky Louie " (HBO pilot, HBO Independent Productions)
"The Bad News Bears” (Paramount Pictures)
"Four Kings” (NBC pilot, Warner Bros. Television)
"Dark Water” (Touchstone Pictures)
"The Greatest Game Ever Played” (Walt Disney Pictures)
"Miracle” The Story of the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team (Walt Disney Pictures) [ Cast Several ]
"That Night” (Warner Bros. Pictures) [ Cast Eliza Dushku ]
"To Die For” (Columbia Pictures) [ Cast Alison Folland ]
"Joe’s Apartment”
"A Little Princess”
"A Bronx Tale”
"The Brady Bunch”
"Leave it to Beaver”
"Life With Mikey”
"Super Mario Brothers”
"Losing Isaiah”