Tom Kemp

t_kempTom has been a professional actor for over 30 years. He’s appeared in many films, numerous television shows as a guest star and series regular, and over 200 national commercials.  Tom has worked for Clint Eastwood, Martin Scorsese, Oliver Stone, Barry Levinson and other notable directors. He has worked extensively in LA, NY and the Boston market. Has recently appeared in Woody Allen"s "Blue Jasmine" "Blue Bloods" and "Boardwalk Empire".


Here's what former students had to say about Tom:

"THANK YOU! You ran a great workshop yesterday. I learned a great deal in a very short period of time... Thanks for some GREAT pointers...
1.    That our JOB is auditioning.... I never really thought that WAS the job, but that is the thing we spend most of our time doing. You didn't say it, but to get better at my job, I need to practice and sharpen my skills constantly. I need to get more sides, more practice off book, more recording myself and reviewing what I see...
2.    Your suggestions on being SPECIFIC, PARSING THE PIECE for the PULSES, and LISTENING and of course "BEING" more than "SHOWING" were terrific keys..Great class... I highly recommend..."

"Thank you for a wonderful seminar! As a retired teacher with many years in the classroom (no, I shall not list the number), I recognize when another teacher has a special talent as an instructor. You provided each of us the time for individual attention and addressed our specific needs and abilities. At the same time, I appreciate the insight gained by observing the other actors, too.I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. SPECIFIC words come to mind for future auditions: motivated, inspired and confidence!"

"He is an excellent teacher -- I know, I have tons of awards in my own teaching to know how good he is. He is engaging, precise, friendly and professional to the highest degree. A joy to work with and an invaluable font of wisdom and information that can be immediately used to improve your performance skills and techniques."

"What he taught me in the morning, I applied in my audition in the afternoon. I felt far more confident going into the audition because of what he taught me and felt I delivered a better audition because of it."