ACTORS OF ALL LEVELS and experience can MAIL headshots and resumes to us directly. We accept submissions from union actors including SAG-AFTRA, and AEA performers, non-union actors, talent agents and managers.

We prefer actors to introduce themselves by sending a headshot and resume to our office by regular U.S. Mail.  We also recommend actors with any experience/training to sign up for  We find actors by looking through headshots we've received in the regular mail, and looking at

The bulk of our work entails casting principal day players, as we match the right New England person to the part.  We are equipped to prep. & screen talent, upload auditions online, conduct open casting calls and specific talent searches. Many of our searches have led to the discovery of future stars.  We also cast background extras on projects that require special attention, and hand-selected background talent.

CP Casting is plugged into the New England talent pool and at times gets assistance from respected outside community contacts, agents, and teachers.  We are familiar with professional booking practices, SAG-AFTRA rules & regulations, and the labor laws for minors.

Our clients currently include:  TV studio networks, film production companies, professional photographers, corporations, commercial producers, advertising agencies, student directors, independent directors, and prominent NY & LA casting directors.

Actors just starting out often confuse the job of a casting director with that of a talent agent.  Representation is the job of the talent AGENT who handles the actor's affairs and receives a commission when they book a job.  It is important to understand that WE DO NOT REPRESENT ACTORS, nor do we charge actors a fee, or receive any commission to come to auditions, open casting calls, or even to just submit you for a job.  The production making the movie, show, or video pays us to find the right actor for their project. 

Actors are usually booked for work in speaking roles, after auditioning and selection by a director or producer or client.  However, an actor could be booked directly from a headshot & resume for background extra or photographic work.  When an actor is booked the producer pays their wages, not CP Casting.  CP Casting is not your employer.

We deeply care that actors who audition for us and who get jobs from our recommendation are informed, and have been given the space and the respect necessary to do their best work.

As professional casting directors we always present the best actors we know for each role without any bias.  It is in our best interest to present a diverse and talented group to the production to choose from.